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IP telephony

Technology description

What is IP telephony?
Voice over IP (or VoIP) is the designation for voice (call) over the Internet via IP - current phone system is very inefficient. The line is allocated statically, regardless of its capacity utilization during the call.

Therefore, use of the Internet is very attractive. That is a massive architecture, to whose development has been invested and continue to invest large amounts of money.

Computer networks are much more advanced and promising - in IP telephony is currently used voice compression algorithm transmits voice only part of the band and increases the effectiveness of eight or more.

What is the solution SmartCRM VoIP?
SmartCRM VoIP software solution, which differs in concept from traditional call center solutions. With SmartCRM VoIP is not necessary to equip each worker separately phone hardware.

SmartCRM VoIP solution is implemented by installing a server company and the addition of hardware, which the company is a supplier Asterisk. The server then performs all call handling and converting voice to data which are then transmitted via the VoIP line.

Individual clients (PC), then the server communicate using locally installed software SmartCRM Notifier. PC with sound card, just add a headset and not so necessary to make each station hardware phone.

SmartCRM VoIP brings us an effective way to exploit the current trend of modern communication and its effective support.

Selected interesting features SmartCRM VoIP
- Recognition of an incoming call
- Answering a call from a PC
- Automatic dial numbers without rewriting

Additional supported connections
- VoIP for SharePoint
- VoIP for Helios Orange

Smartdata Benefits
- A more modern solution
- Reasonable price
- We are a software company, so just sell VoIP, but we can help with a comprehensive solution tailored to customer needs


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