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Technology description

  • User-friendly environment
  • There is nothing more important for a MIS than a user-friedly environment. If users find it too complicated to use a MIS, implementation success is impaired. A quality MIS can be handled by an unskilled user without necessary IT professional assistance which lowers TCO and allows to use IT resources in other areas.

  • Higher information value
  • An information value is affected among others by two factors - amount of users using the information and ease of its use. A quality MIS tool offers the best mechanism to access and share data from many sources.

  • Freedom of Choice
  • Every group of users in a company has different needs. A quality MIS offers a great freedom in implementation.

  • Openness
  • A quality MIS is a product based on an open object model. Therefore it is possible to use it as a "boxed" solution as well a platform for further development. Our company supports three main products of three companies: Microsoft SQL Reporting Services, Cognos and Business Objects. These solutions then work together and are used according to customer's requirements.


  • ORCO Prague a.s.


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