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Technology description

Intranet and internet (sometimes "web" as well) applications are no doubt the future of software development. They have many advantages, the most pointed out is the fact that in most cases there's no need for local computer installation. This is nowadays the most usual reason for their use.

Contemporary internet browsers support many ways how to add interactive elements and components to internet applications. Their choice however depends on security of your application and your computer as well. When using some yet nice, but unknown components, there's is always a possibility to get a virus. Because of this it is necessary consider which technologies to implement.


Czech Republic
  • Aviko ČR,s.r.o.
  • Credium,a.s.
  • Global Management Group,a.s.
  • Orco Prague,a.s.
  • Ontraxx Destination Management, Německo


Product Tags: internet solutions, intranet, web applications, programming desktop applications, security applications

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