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Barcode are a technology, which variety of use many people can't even imagine. Most of us know barcodes from counters in stores.

The use however doesn't end there. It is necessary to realize, that a barcode can be printed by an ordinary laser printer in your office. Therefore it is possible to simply mark any company documents, create office equipment inventory, mark books in company library, take care of personnel access, create personal card for conferences etc. Variety of possible use is so extensive, that we can't mention them all here. Just out of interest - the cheapest barcode reader nowadays costs 1500 CZK without VAT and a printer you've probably already got. Combined with our expertise such a solution can be implemented very quickly.

Now let's have a little more technical look on barcodes:

The idea of a barcode is very simple. A barcode consists of a certain amount of dark lines and light spaces with specifically defined width. The light emited by a reader is absorbed by dark lines and reflected back to the reader by light spaces. There they are converted to an analog signal, which is then digitized and converted to ASCII characters in the decoder.

Advantages of barcodes:

  • Reading barcodes is one of the most precise way of inputting a larger amount of data. When inputting data manually, there's always a possibility of an error (statistically in every 300th input). When inputting data using barcodes, error possibility lowers up to one of a million, while most of these errors can be eliminated using a control digit. Using that, the decoder verifies readings and virtually rules out any possibility of an incorrect input.

  • Rate of data input when using barcode reader is several times higher than when inputting data manually.

  • Barcodes are used in various places, extreme conditions and terrains. They can be printed on materials resistant to high temperatures, extreme coolness, acids, weariness, excessive humidity or dustiness.

Productivity and usefulness:
  • According to performed research work efficiecy in malls using barcodes has increased by 40 % !!! Aside from that it is possible to determine in a great detail status of inventory. Some studies prove that there are business areas, where efficiency increases even by several hundreds of percent.


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  • ORSETO, s.r.o.
  • RH servis group, s.r.o.
  • S group, a.s.
  • SG Equipment Finance Czech Republic s.r.o.
  • STS Prachatice, a.s.


  • Codeware,s.r.o.
  • Combitrading, s.r.o.

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