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Technical support

Product selling our relationship with you does not end there. Therefore, all of our products, we provide complete technical support.

All reports of defects or requirements of the new extension will be applied through the contact point helpdesk(at)smartdata(dot)cz provider or phone +420 242 441 748 with subsequent confirmation to that email address.

Support staff are available Mon-Fri 9:00 to 5:00 p.m. at the times.

For purposes of measuring support defects divided into three basic types:.

  • A defect - defect prevents user access to the application and technical equipment due to its unavailability or defect prevents the operation of the application due to its malfunction or breakdown, more than 50% of implemented functions.
  • Defect type B - defect, when the IS available to the user, but is severely limited its operation due to malfunction of less than 50% of the implemented functions.
  • C-type defect - defect when the IS available to the user, but the user is prevented from or hindered some specific activity.

Type defects in reporting defects determined by agreement Smartdata representatives and users. Requirements for technical support are entitled to report to authorized users.


In queries to problems with the software, please indicate the product version, operating system, service packs, or any other running applications, and also to identify the serial number of the product.

Technical support through TeamViewer

To improve the quality of our technical support, we purchased a new TeamViewer PREMIUM license, including a license to support mobile devices.

   For computers: Download link TeamViewer QuickSupport desktop app

   For mobile devices: Download TeamViewer QuickSupport app from Google Play