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Custom Software Development

Service description

Smartdata also focuses on custom software development; we develop products and complete solutions as well. Our experts can design detail solution of the problem exactly according to customer's specifications plus optional customer's participation.

In Smartdata we develop software for various areas of business using modern technologies and advancing standardization possibilities. Our team members are highly qualified experts, who can solve technically demanding problems as well as extensive projects. Platform for our solutions usually is Microsoft .NET and related technologies. Along with that there come several advantages - considerable customizing possibilities, high stability, robustness, scalability, high practical value, quality service and last but not least favourable price. An example of such solutions is very interesting solution developed in cooperation with Testo, s.r.o. (measuring devices manufacturer). Our application is used by 150 independent users throughout the country. Their data are send electronically to the central database created according to the Ministry of Environment of the Czech Republic requlations. Other areas of interest relate to identification technologies:

Software Development:

  • Desktop applications - .NET 2008/2005 (VB, C #, C ++)
  • Intranet applications-ASP.NET 2008/2005 (VB, C #), alternatively PHP
  • Automate Office (Access, Excel, Word ,...)
  • Windows Mobile 6.x, 5 / Pocket PC applications
  • Database MS-SQL
  • alternatively any other ODBC databases (Oracle, DB2, Informix, Sybase)
  • RS232 programming (various readers, sensors, thermometers, gauges ...)

focus, inter alia, the identification technology:

1) applications using barcodes:
  • document flow monitoring
  • benefit programs
  • storage system
  • attendance record
  • commision filing
  • mailing support
2) magnetic cards
  • system for identification in a canteen
  • attendance system
3) RFID contactless cards
  • attendance
4) fingerprints
  • system authentification
  • attendance

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