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Cloud Applications Development

Service description

In Smartdata we place great emphasis on the development of modern software. The current trend of increasing popularity of cloud services has a greater impact on the demand for cloud-applications. On this development we actively respond and offer our services is therefore focused on the development of applications in the cloud.

Cloud applications are characterized by their simplicity of the platform for the user. They use very robust hardware architecture that can be dynamically power-extend.

We have a team of highly qualified professionals who can offer technologically interesting solutions in cloud-based applications.

For hosting cloud applications we can recommend a modern and safe environment of world renowned poskytelů Cloud technologies.

What cloud applications we can develop for you?
  • regular incremental backups of data or content of corporate databases to the Cloud
  • solution for reducing the incidence of human error
  • regularly backed up and shared team calendar
  • applications for providing customer / technical support
  • application for obtaining data via the form
  • applications to support marketing activities on Facebook and Twitter
  • and many others.

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