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Uniformed System of Accounts

Short product description

Managerial accounting is probably one of the most important tools for effective management. Manager gives an overview on the economics of things and allows him to make decisions on current information.

USOA is a product that meets the above and provides a means of intuitive, uncluttered screens that provide the necessary range of data in compliance with the standard Windows applications.


Product characteristics

A comprehensive management system for effective management.

Product advantages

  • Implementation USOA in 99% of cases does not change current accounting software
  • Will not employ accounting only for "pay taxes" but also for further use of their work

Selected product references

  • Corinthia hotel Panorama
  • Hotel Leonardo
  • Terme di Galzignano


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Main partners

  • Peter John - SwissCZ

Product Tags: managerial accounting, effective management, management review, corporate governance

Product functions

  • Current view from the accounts
  • Extensive range of reports and analysis of data
  • Export to Excel
  • Illustrative graphical outputs
  • Budget for next year and a forecast for 3 months ahead
  • Import data into the system
  • Administrator interface to customize reports

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