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SmartCRM Servis for HO

Short product description

Now also for Home Office!

SmartCRM Servis is a solution for companies who provide servicing. It is a mobile information system for service technicians, which is installed on their laptop or mobile device (Tablet, notebook, PDA).

Characteristics of a "mobile" service technician, who might find this system useful:

In his car, a service technician has all the equipment required to fulfill basic customer requirements and to solve their problems. Therefore the service car is equipped with a Tablet or a laptop, and a small storage unit with spare parts for the most common deffects (seals, valves, fuses, etc.). It is vital to ensure that the amount of small parts is always sufficient. Service technicians also need service documentation of the damaged product, but because of limited capacity, they usually have only the basic information. A successful servicing isn't ensured because of the missing documentation. How can SmartCRM Servis help you with this?

The application contains a database of contacts for upcoming servicing events, including customer's description of the problem. As the servicing starts, the application measures the duration (for the billing purposes), and provides all the necessary documentation. Everything is stored electronically, so technicians aren't limited by physical capacity of the vehicle. Furthermore they have access to the company's knowledge database where specific problems are documented. When the repairs are complete, a billing statement is created and the spare parts that were used are taken from the mobile storage. Based on this, they can easily be replenished.

Product characteristics

  • modularity
  • scalability
  • customization according to individual customer needs
  • possible integration with other business systems
  • technologically advanced and open platform MS-SQL Server
  • PDA mobile solutions, which is very small and suitable for travel

Product advantages

  • simple and intuitive controls
  • all data available electronically
  • information sharing among employees
  • access anywhere at any time
  • supports business processes and improves quality of service

Selected product references

  • Gastrotechno Group, s.r.o.
  • Geis CZ, s.r.o.
  • TPI Česká republika s.r.o.


Main partners

  • Digital Resources, a.s.
  • IMPROMAT CZ spol. s r.o.

Product labels: revision with Tablet, mobile service protocol, the exposure protocol tablet, mobile inspection techniques, software for service technicians

Product functions

  • Contact information
  • description of the problem
  • on-line receiving messages from the dispatcher
  • Stock spare parts
  • Knowledge Base
  • Background settlement price for servicing
  • Printing Protocol Service
  • Connection to corporate information system
  • survey information goods under warranty
  • Access to the Helpdesk database and knowledge base

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