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SD Locator

Short product description

SD Locator System is a solution of operating a mobile network operator T-Mobile Czech Republic, a.s. The primary advantage is that the use of this product is adequate to any mobile phone SIM card in the T-Mobile. There is no need to buy any special equipment and then use the product SDLocator not burdened with no initial investment.

SIM card T-Mobile

Any GSM mobile network operates on the principle that the mobile phone connects to your nearest transmitter operator. The motion is without our knowledge is always connected mobile phone to the nearest transmitter (BTS), respectively. the transmitter with the strongest and best quality mobile phone signal.

Mobile operator T-Mobile is striving to meet customers and their interest in the possibility of tracking. Thus, the location information to ensuring the highest possible data security, the need for prior activation, contract approvals, etc. access to the users.

For many years the tradition of T-Mobile offers a "where is". This service is ever allowed to determine the current location of the SIM card (or phone) by sending an SMS query. A novelty is that disclosure of location information via partners at regular intervals.

BTS modul

Authorized partner solution is the product of SD Locator. From the user perspective is a web application to get the user name and password. Security is ensured by global Microsoft technologies in a very similar scale such as Internet banking.

Use descriptive and graphical information, you can track the approximate location of the monitored phone. Accuracy of information increases the density of transmitters "BTS" (transmitters, which provide coverage of GSM signal). The greater the number of cells in the area, the greater the accuracy. So the city is typically more accurate information (hundreds of meters). The average accuracy of around 1 km in the city, which is usually more BTS transmitters accurate. Lower accuracy than GPS is offset by ease of deployment and simplicity of use. The advantage is the possibility of localization even when the SIM is being tracked indoors.

GSM versus GPS works inside a building

Each of the technologies thus has its specific use.

Product characteristics

- Performance monitoring solutions guide
- Availability monitoring from anywhere on the Internet
- Transparent user experience

Product advantages

-Unmatched ease-and speed deployment
-Implementation of non-specific initial investment (you owned a mobile phone network T-Mobile)
-Overview of the movement and current location of all tracked mobile phones (people)
-Privacy Policy - only the ability to track the selected time (typically only on weekdays, 9-17, etc.)

Časové schema

-For corporate customers, integration with corporate information systems

SD Locator is the official T-Mobile partner solution. This fact can be verified directly on the site of T-Mobile: here.

Selected product references

  • BELET a.s.
  • HomeClean.cz
  • Mattes Trading s.r.o.
  • Reel pack s.r.o.
  • tested by a journalist from the magazine Packaging
  • Internal use in Smardata, s.r.o.


  • Packaging (September 2011)

Main partners

  • T-Mobile Czech Republic, a.s.

Product Tags: gsm localization, gsm tracking, t-mobile where is, gsm monitoring, easy monitoring, employee monitoring, monitoring of sales representatives

Product functions

  • Automated links to coordinate activities in the field, which was performed
  • monitoring the movement of employees based on data from the GSM stations
  • position shown on the real map
  • Tracking movement on a map
  • Monitoring inactive off after working hours

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