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Mobile Attendance

Short product description

You need to register attendance and stationary attendance systems do not suit you?
Choose our solutions Mobile attendance. Our solutions you can easily to deploy in your area, because it is optimized for use with mobile devices. This eliminates cumbersome features classic attendance systems. Application is designed for Android smartphone or tablet. And with support for NFC chips and QR codes, which are very accessible, you will get a lower budget.

A typical use of mobile attendance:
  • Conferences
  • Theatre
  • Receptions
  • Lectures
  • Conferences
  • Baby Days and exercises for children
  • Pumping overpaid hour in fitness center
  • Records of attendance at language courses
  • Evidence guard patrols along the building and beyond
  • Evidence Attendance of employees in shifts outside the principal place of business
  • Pumping single rides on the ski slopes

Product characteristics

Mobile application of the Android platform that you can use on your smartphone and tablet.

Product advantages

  • Easy to use
  • Reasonable price
  • The possibility of renting software
  • Viewing data from anywhere via the Internet

Selected product references

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The Mobile Portal solution has been successfully deployed for the registration of conference participants of approximately in 3,000 people

Main partners

  • Eventisimo
  • Rapinfo.eu

Product functions

  • Registration for Training
  • Registration for the conference
  • Registration for children's events

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