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Short product description

The Mobile Portal - module Interactive map is a logical visual extension for all other application modules. The main use is a graphical representation of data acquired using the Evidence operations.

It is possible to graphically monitor as regular service of elevators, regular performance of cleaning etc.

Typical usage Interactive map:
  • Watch patrols in the building / complex
  • Map the temperature in the factory building, workplace, etc.
  • Watch full warehouse

Product characteristics

Windows applications for laptops, tablets, office PC.

Support various resolutions - ability to track on a small 7-inch tablet, and also on the 46-inch large screen.

Solution performance-undemanding- the possibility of visualization on PC-type mini Intel Stick.

Product advantages

  • Easy Deployment
  • Competitive price
  • Ability to rent software

Selected product references

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Main partners

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Product functions

  • Graphical display of the acquired data
  • Visualization tasks on the map
  • Display route errands
  • Points of interest on the map

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