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Evidence of unit operations

Short product description

EvU was developed as a very affordable solution for recording operations that use mobile devices such as tablet or mobile phone (smartphone) instead of bar code readers. These devices are now almost routinely equipped with a camera.

Typical usage of the application:
  • Modern evidence transactions within the healthcare
  • Check the quality of cleaning
  • Evidence guard-tour

Product characteristics

  • Unique combination of predatory Android platform, the great potential of technology QR codes, web application and cloud storage of photos

Product advantages

  • Very low price (Software as a Service model)
  • Support for large number of users
  • Easy deployment in the enterprise

Selected product references

  • Hügli Food s.r.o.
  • Toner Discount
  • Internal use in Smardata, s.r.o.


Main partners

  • Google - Google Apps For Business
  • T-Mobile Czech Republic, a.s.
  • Rapinfo.eu

Product Tags: register operations, program for registration, qr codes evidence, barcodes program, barcode records

Product functions

  • Reading of barcodes, QR codes and other types
  • Time stamp
  • Taking photos
  • Saving photos to the Web portal
  • Modern evidence of unit operations
  • Evidence of assets / people
  • Editing variably loaded data

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