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Mobile Portal for HO

Short product description

Now also for Home Office!

Mobile Portal is a modular solution for web and mobile applications. This is a software kit.

Mobile Portal has been developed as a very affordable solution that uses Android smartphones or tablets, devices that are now almost routinely equipped with a camera or NFC technology and can be used as a reader.

For QR purposes, QR codes or NFC chips are used.

Currently it supports the following main modules:

  • Web portal
  • Mobile Apps for Android
  • Mobile Action Records for Android
  • Interactive map (in development)
  • SD Locator

Form of implementation
Mobile Portal is designed for both the most common forms of use by the client - the so-called OnPremise installation on your server, or the "Software as a Service" mode - the so-called SaaS model, sometimes also called Software is a service, cloud solution, or rental software.

Mobile Portal support price model Software as a Service. Monthly fee already from 149 CZK without VAT per 1 month and per 1 user. Free of any initial investment. The price does not include the operator's charge for data transmissions.

On other subpages, we describe our modules a bit more in detail.

Product characteristics

  • Quickly implementable solution
  • Affordable solution
  • Very interesting link Android mobile app with a web portal for back-office workers
  • We use modern technology to make your business success
  • Support QR codes
  • NFC support (13.56 MHz RFID)

Product advantages

  • Modern applications
  • Using modern technologies to your advantage in business
  • Saas use and OnPremise installation - according to the customer's agreement and requirement
  • The solution is highly scalable - suitable for installations from 1 user to thousands of users
  • We offer DEMO for free trial
  • For larger installations, custom customization options
  • We do not revolution, we make evolution

Selected product references

  • Hügli Food s.r.o.
  • SATPO broker
  • Toner Discount


Main partners

  • T-Mobile Czech Republic
  • Rapinfo.eu

Product functions

  • Records of actions
  • Smartphone support as a reader
  • Photodocumentation
  • Web view of data
  • Export to MS-Excel
  • Reporting capability
  • Graphics capability

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