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EvU Social Services

Social services and health-care organizations use the application for performed operations filing and an automatic creation of reports for insurance companies and clients.

Possible implementation:

EvU is an application for simple operation filing and its Social Services module is intended for use in rest homes, day care homes and the like. The system replaces the current paperwork. When using the application a client book and an insurance company report are filed. For every loaded barcode the precise time is filed to avoid possible misunderstandings.

Picked reference:

  • Dům Kněžny Emmy – seniors home, Neratovice
  • Seniors home Hortenzie, Bořanovice
  • Seniors home Kladno
  • Seniors home Prostějov
  • Seniors home Unhošť

Product labels: health care records, records of medical procedures, efficient registration, insurance forms, statement of care, evidence of acts done