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EvU for Quality Control

Would you like your goods in shelves to be appealing to eyes and always in order? Or do you provide such services for various companies and wish to be a step ahead in competition? In either case our EvU solution is suitable for you.

Poskytněte kvalitu Získejte zákazníky Spokojený zákazník se k Vám bude rád vracet

Possible implementation:
Employees in charge of shelve control sign forms and fill out the current time and date when they finish a certain section. This has to be carried out several times a day.

EvU provides each employee with a Android mobile phone (QR code reader) which is used instead of the former paperwork. When finished, an employee scans the designated barcode, thus storing time and date, allowing supervisors to check employee's productivity and schedule abidance. At the end of the day, the employee sent data from mobile device to server. Using this data, various reports and resumes can be created, providing your customers with another guarantee of quality.

Product labels: quality registration