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EvU in Advertising Agency

Using our solution you may easily manage your employees and advertising places. You'll be provided with a complete overview regarding employee and place - when did the employee start, when did he/she finished and which employee was assigned to which place.

Possible implementation
An advertising agency employee tends a certain advertising place and has to write down the identification number, which takes time and there's is a risk of an error. More errors can occur while inputting the information in the computer.

Using EvU makes all of this simple, accurate and fast. When the employee is done, he/she uses a Android mobile phone as a QR codes reader to scan the place's code, which stores current date and time. At the end of the day the employee sent data to central database.

A supervisor may then perform a control and create a summarizing report.

Product labels: management of advertising space, rental registration, inspection staff, advertising agency