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EvU for Cleaning Services

EvU for Cleaning Services improves personnel monitoring and therefore ensures higher quality of cleaning.

Possible implementation:
Lavatory cleaning takes place on a regular basis. It is performed by several employees who make records on a card usually placed at the door. At the following picture you may see a standard "Cleaning Report", where employees log time of the cleaning and sign. We've added a barcode to the report.

When using our EvU application every employee has his own Android mobile phone which he use like a QR code reader. After he's done with the cleaning, aside from signing the report he also reads the QR code. The device stores information about date and time codes were read, so you may monitor that your employees keep appointed cleaning time.

Another implementation:
In a train cleaning takes place after arriving to the final station and thanks to our application it is possible to file when and where exactly it took place.

Product labels: records of cleaning, replacement of the signature sheet, quality of service, documentation of services, modern cleaning