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We include updated editions of Home Office products. More info>>

COVID-19 news

We are still available at our contacts 1420 242 441 747 and info@smartdata.cz. We respect government measures to restrict movement and minimize personal contact.

Company profile

Smartdata is a company specializing to development and delivery of software solutions. We are partners of many major Czech and foreign companies.

Smartdata designs and delivers solutions, which help companies to succeed on the market. The solution, which converts your data into intelligence and the intelligence of your competitive advantage. The solution to such a technology platform that best suits you. Solutions that work.

Smartdata is here for you - from a simple little application solutions to complex information system solutions for your company. Solutions that help you to succeed in the market.

Microsoft Partner Silver Data Platform

Trademark of Microsoft Partner Silver Data Platform is a guarantee of quality, competence and experience in implementing proven business solutions. Microsoft certifikace

Our goals

Our goal is to be a long-term partner with our clients. The software solutions based on the most progressive technology they bring new and better ways to reduce operating costs. for Customers arrange competitive advantage and maximum return on their investment.

What we do

offer comprehensive solutions . We supply standard systems, but also prepare solutions according to individual needs. Our solutions are always adapted to the customer, not the customer solution. Our customers appreciate our essential contribution to building new and modern business systems based on principles of digital business.

Privacy Policy and GDPR


We include in our portfolio updated product editions that are suitable for working in the Home Office mode: Home Office Mobile Sales Representative, Home Office Mobile Service Technician, or Home Office Evidence of Unit Operations.

We have successfully tested compatibility of our mobile corporate apps with the new Android 10.

In actual crossword "Sfinga křížovka" 2020-1 you could find our large two-page crossword (sites 8-9).

After 10 years, support for Windows 7 is coming to an end on January 14, 2020.

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